SCHEMA - a representation of a plan or theory in the form of an outline or model.
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"F*CK COPS / CUTTHROAT" Holographic Eggshell Stickers

$1.50 USD


"FUCK COPS - good luck peeling this shit off"
"CUTTHROAT" art by Nina Flomp, previously featured on the FTP/ No Justice No Peace shirt pre-orders.

- 3" x 4"
-Super Holographic shine
-Extremely durable in all weather conditions
-Eggshell Material (a complete bitch to take off, close to impossible for the average person seeing it. last picture is the eggshell sticker after using multiple objects/tools to try and remove it)
-guaranteed to piss off cop lovers and idiots alike
-looks especially amazing over blue lives matter/ Trump bumper stickers, and maybe police cars hehe

only a few "CUTTHROAT" stickers left
*Black background option is available*

Send pics of where you slap the stickers!
IG: @shopschemacollective
[email protected]

***If your order contains ONLY stickers, it will be shipped untracked via USPS to keep shipping costs low for sticker orders.***

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